Alice in Wonderland dodos

What kind of dodo blog is this without images of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland? Let’s fix this. Here are some dodo illustrations:

By Lewis Carroll
By Lewis Carroll from Alice’s Adventures under Ground, the original Alice.

They all crowded round it panting and asking
From the 1907 version, illustrated by Arthur Rackham.

Dodo presenting thimble

Mouse telling story to birds and Alice
Both images by Sir John Tenniel, available at Project Gutenberg. The complete of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is available too in the same site. Or try The University of Adelaide Library page with an on-line version, with images and versions to download.

The Disney Dodo

Disney Dodo
From the Disney film version. More images of it at Lenny’s Alice in Wonderland Site.

Dodo, duck, rat and Alice by Maraja
By Maraja, from Alice’s House of Cards.

More images of Alice’s Dodo soon. Until there check also this very short article Dodo (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland).

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3 Responses to “Alice in Wonderland dodos”

  1. karramarro Says:

    ¿do you know this comic?
    When I was a kid I discovered the Dodo bird in it.
    In Spain Douwe Dabbert was known as “Bermudillo”, and he had a Dodo bird as companion.
    I remember one of the comics called “The last Dodo”

  2. Bibi, the dodo Says:

    I did’t know it, but I read about it at Wikipedia. I tried to find covers of this comic, however, I just found the covers without dodos. Thanks for the links!

  3. The Dodo Blog » Blog Archive » More illustrations for Alice in Wonderland Says:

    […] This is the second post about illustrations of dodos for Alice in Wonderland. The first post is here. This time all the images are from the same site, Lauren’s Alice in Wonderland Page. […]