Bière Bourbon – La Dodo

Bière Bourbon - La Dodo

The dodos drink too! Ok, they don’t (didn’t), but they are they are in the logo of a beer from Réunion Bière Bourbon, also known as “La Dodo”. It’s a “blonde beer” (sorry if I’m wrong but I don’t know about beers, specially in English) produced and commercialized in Réunion by Bourbon breweries, where it’s the first product, the most known and the most bribed. Bière Bourbon has this nick/ surname, La Dodo, in reference to the bird from Mauritius island which is extinct and appears in the logo, as a smiling dodo. (From the Wikipedia article, and sorry about any problems on this translation)

wall painting advertising the sale here of the Dodo beer

From the English article:

The Brasseries de Bourbon (“Breweries of Bourbon”) is the only major producer of beer on Réunion Island, a French oversea department in the Indian Ocean formerly known as Bourbon Island.

The group was founded in 1962. The first product of the brasseries, and by far now their most sold and widely known, is the blonde lager Dodo, named after the now extinct bird (its official name is simply “Bourbon”). This beer is widely known because of its emblem of a smiling dodo, and the creole slogan La dodo lé la (The Dodo is here!), both displayed in colourful wall paintings on shops, snacks etc. selling the beer.

More images of La Dodo from Flickr users:

La Dodo - can

Dodo Beer by Bastien.

La Dodo - bottles
DODO by davlela.

Rougay sosis et La Dodo
You can’t miss this beer on Reunion Island. Affectionately nicknamed Dodo, after the long extinct bird on the label, it’s everywhere you look around the island. You have to go up into the mountain to lose sight of it! And it’s good too!. Rougay sosis by Bo No Bo.

La Dodo lé la !
Those ads for the local beer are everywhere. The real name of the beer is Bourbon but people call it: “the dodo” because of the figure of a dodo. La Dodo lé la ! by Damouns.

la dodo lé là
Publicité pour la bière locale la dodo. la dodo lé là by n@n@figue.

l@dodolél@ by dunun.

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  1. Melissa Says:

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  2. Cartt Says:

    Es Genial una cerveza que se llame Dodo, y que tenga por logotipo un Dodo. Me encantaría saber si aún existe y probarla. Dodo For Ever !!

  3. Cartt Says:

    Hola de nuevo amigos!! Navegando he encontrado más info sobre esta cerveza, que es de plena actualidad en la Isla Reunion, osea que ahora mismo te la servirían si la pides allí. Esta es la Web:

  4. Melissa Says:

    You can see also the ads of the dodo beer on
    and also ….