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Dodo Juice car wax

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

Dodo Juice car wax

Dodo Juice car wax

Yes, Dodo Juice Carnuaba Car Waxes. From the release:

The Dodo has landed – Overpriced car waxes may soon be extinct

Dodo Juice, a new carnauba car wax, is launching today with a promise to offer consumers superwax performance at a high street price.

“The most expensive carnauba waxes can cost up to £7000,” explained Dom Colbeck, the creator of Dodo Juice. “I thought it was time for a reality check – there is simply no need for a premium carnauba wax to cost much more than £30 given the cost of the raw ingredients.”

The name

“Car enthusiasts were joking that the superwax being used by a few of the UK’s top car detailers had to contain something extremely rare and expensive to justify its price,” says Colbeck. “So I decided to name our wax after a fantasy ingredient – something that would be difficult to obtain and therefore highly priced – the bodily secretions of an extinct animal. Dodo Juice was born.

“The name really sums up our attitude. We’re a young, irreverent company that’s evangelical about making great car waxes and intent on having fun. We don’t like ridiculous claims and silly pricing so we may ruffle a few feathers along the way. But we’ll do what we can to bring things back down to earth, for the benefit of anyone who has an interest in – or makes a living from – making cars look good.”

The range

The Dodo Juice range contains both soft and hard waxes, and is available in standard and ‘colour-charged’ varieties retailing.

The “dodos” are available in those versions: Dodo Juice Rainforest Rub, Dodo Juice Light Fantastic, Dodo Juice Orange Crush, Dodo Juice Purple Haze and Dodo Juice Banana Armour. Those names sound like moisture cream to me.

PS.: this isn’t a paid post. Dom Colbeck sent me the images of his new product and since it’s “about” dodos, why not?

Update: Well, it seems that those dodos won a home now and it’s called Mauritius – yes, that’s the name of the main page. I updated the post with the link and here is a nice image of their Mauritius:

Mauritius at the Dodo Juice Carnuaba Car Waxes

Dodo Bird Pen

Friday, June 30th, 2006

Dodo Bird Pen

Dodo Bird Pen: adorable, dodo bird desk pen in 3 designs; polka “dot”, “daisy” may and “heart” throb. movable, weighted foot base for “silly posing”. By Xonex.