Crystallized Dodo

Crystallized Dodos

Via openPR, from press release of Sarlay & Jurkowitsch VIP Consulting: Crystallized Dodo – The new piece of Art for Mauritius – Intercontinental Innovation Project.

Silke Jurkowitsch and Alexander Sarlay dedicate their latest innovation project to the national symbol of Mauritius. They realize a special and extraordinary creation of the Dodo, which was driven to extinction in the late 1680s. For this exclusive piece of art Silke Jurkowitsch and Alexander Sarlay use more than 3.000 finest Austrian Crystals each set by hand in a sophisticated way. To get never seen effects they use special developed materials and technologies. The crystallized Dodo fascinates through the combination of brilliance, perfection and destiny of this bird.

Silke Jurkowitsch and Alexander Sarlay also think of distribution options for a limited, exclusive Dodo collection in Mauritius.

They should donate part of the money to animal preservation groups.

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