Dodo paintings by stevonutria

Dodo paintings by stevonutria:

Do-Do Bird on Unicycle with Nutria
Do-Do Bird on Unicycle with Nutria: Do-Do Bird on unicycle. The DoDo has rudimentary wings so cannot ride a bicycle properly. The unicycle allows the dodo to escape the Dutch sailors.

Do-Do Bird on Unicycle detail
Do-Do Bird on Unicycle with Nutria close up

Do-Do Bird, Nutria, and Hedgehog
Do-Do Bird, Nutria, and Hedgehog: Here is Cozy Mellow, the Do-Do bird, instructing his buddies, Carlin Nutria and Sissie, the wonder hog on how to keep irrigation at a proper height.

Do-Do Bird #1
Do-Do Bird #1: The flightless and extinct Do-Do Bird.

Do-Do Bird #2
Do-Do Bird #2: Close up of Cozy Mellow, the flightless Do-Do Bird.

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