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Dodo boutique in Bergamo

Do you remember the DoDo in Bruges post? Well, with the kind help of Allison, now I know that Dodo shop is actually a DoDo boutique by Pomellato:

Dodo’s story started far far away. Dodo is the name of that funny feathered fellow who used to live happily on the island of Mauritius – until extinction caught up with him. But, as happens in only the very best stories, after many, many years, Dodo has come back to life and now he lives all over the world because he has become a symbol of nature that needs protection and of Pomellato’s sweetest collection of jewelry. The Dodo pendants are happy company of animals who speak the language of feelings and emotions. Each Dodo reveals a little bit of who we are and what we want to say. It is a gift that can speak for us if we are a little shy. To give as a gift, or to collect, because Dodo doesn’t like being alone and is always on the lookout for new friends.

Dodo gold: "Dodo, I'm your dodo"

But there is more about the Dodo Story:

1995. There’s a new addition to the Pomellato family: Dodo, a sweet ‘n’ easy range of jewellery, with emotions concentrated in a gram of gold. The idea was to create charms that could be worn on their own or all together, whichever takes your fancy. Dodo was an instant, huge success, thanks in part to the message of love and friendship conveyed by each charm.
The comical dodo bird from Mauritius is now extinct on account of indiscriminate hunting and the fact that it couldn’t fly, so Dodo is also a symbol for nature conservation.

That is why the brand has supported many WWF Italia projects right from the outset. It has also inspired and sponsored one of the most innovative competitions in the sector, the Dodo Speed Master, a show jumping event that’s already gained classic status.

Over the years, the Dodo family has become increasingly diverse, with new animal symbols and their messages, and has developed an increasingly well-defined brand identity as the range of jewellery has been
extended. In 1998, the charms were joined by rings and earrings and in 2000 Dodo D. was born, the very first ultra-luxe charms with diamonds.

Dodo D. - When Dodo Dons the Diamonds

I don’t need to say that I loved the boutique logo and all the dodo jewellery all over the site. All the pieces are lovely, specially that Dodo D. charm.  Which women wouldn’t love to have a Dodo with diamonds? *Hint hint, nudge nudge*

By the way, I didn’t mention I’m going to Europe for the first time in September, and of course, among the great museums with dodos I’m planning to visit, now I must also visit some of those Dodo boutiques in Belgium, Netherlands, France, UK and maybe Germany.  I hope the Dodo silver charm fits on my budget.

For more images of dodos from DoDo, including some cheerful special Christmas images, click on the galleries below. And if you enjoyed DoDo’s beautiful creations, check its Facebook page.

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