Dodos in popular culture

More proves that I’m not having hallucinations about the popularity of dodos: Dodos in popular cultureThe Dodo’s significance as one of the best-known extinct animals and its singular appearance has led to its widespread use in literature and popular culture. The article has some examples of dodos in literature, comics, movies, television, music and games. I’m going try to find all those stuff later. Below, two covers of Dodos are forever by Dick King Smith

Dodos are Forever

Dodos are Forever - cassettes

Update: unfortunatly the article “Dodos in popular culture” was removed from Wikipedia. I should had made a copy of it.

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    The Dodo Blog…

    Say hi to my new blog: The Dodo Blog – The influence of dodos in the modern culture, in other words, a blog about dodos. Now I have a repository for the dodo stuff that I found and I’ve been collected in the last months: illustrations, pictures, book…