Dodos killed by natural disaster

From Reuters: Scientists say dodos killed by natural disaster. Scientists who unearthed a mass dodo grave in Mauritius say they have found evidence showing the birds were killed by a natural disaster long before humans arrived on the Indian Ocean island.

“There are indications that the fossil-rich layer represents the result of natural disaster wiping out a significant part of the Dodo-ecotope,” a statement by the researchers said.

While the latest find does not disprove the human theory, the scientists are convinced there was a mass dodo death, possibly caused by a cyclone or flood, pre-dating the arrival of humans, Christian Foo Kune, owner of the site, told Reuters.

“The fact that there are such a wide range of animals there, small and big ones, suggests that there was a sudden natural disaster,” Foo Kune said. “The mass grave also shows no domestic animals, so it is prior to the arrival of man.”

The bones were thought to be at least 500 years old, he added. “We could be talking about a cyclone or repeated cyclones, flooding or a sudden rise in (sea) water levels that trapped the animals there,” he said.

That’s an extract of the article, which is very interesting indeed. But who am I going to blame now?

Update: Reuters removed the article’s page, and I removed the broken link.

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7 Responses to “Dodos killed by natural disaster”

  1. xenmate Says:

    You can still blame those pesky humans… We know for a fact that Dodos coexisted with them lot.

    P.S.: I am not a human, as you can guess.

  2. Bibi, the dodo Says:

    Ah, that’s nice 🙂 So, I will still blaming them, since I’m a dodo.

  3. chris keeley Says:

    my mauritius photos ! goto

    love to you BiBi

  4. xenmate Says:

    Just stumbled upon this Bibi:

  5. javed Says:

    Thats strange I thought I was the only dodo alive .. well nice blog about dodos dont recall anyone did that before!


  6. iliana Says:

    Dear Bibi, how nice to discover randomly a Dodo blog, I m trying myself to make peopple (just my friends so far…) about Dodos and their tragic extinction, good to know there are more like me out there,
    I ll keep reading u,
    Iliana, -athens.

  7. Marsonico Says:

    Hi, I’m from Spain and I’m a big fan of dodos. I just wanted to post a comment to say thank you for this blog! 😉