Douwe Dabbert

Douwe Dabbert is a comic figure conceived by artist Piet Wijn and scenarist Thom Roep.

Douwe Dabbert is a small gnome-like creature who goes through all sorts of strange adventures where he meets (often) supernatural beings. He has a magic backpack from which he can always conjure items that help him out of even the most perilous situations. […] In several of his stories, he had a dodo as a companion.

Lambiek has a short biography about the creator of Douwe Dabbert, Piet Wijn, in English, and a better one in Dutch. And this Dutch page contains images and information about the all the 23 comic books published and the collections published after. (Thanks Karramarro)

Douwe Dabbert comic strip

Douwe Dabbert - De schacht naar Noord

Douwe Dabbert - De weg naar West

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