Firefox hates the Dodo (and all my blogs)

Since some of you don’t follow The Dodo Blog via Twitter (@thedodo), here are some bad news: Firefox is crashing every time I try to upload an image. I tried to reinstall Flash, Firefox and test it in several ways, including in my other WordPress blogs, until I unfortunately concluding the problem is on Firefox. Probably is something corrupted in this installation (and I hope so!).

So, I’m going to remove it all, including passwords, extensions, bookmarks… everything and reinstall it. I truly hope it works, since I can’t even open the  image upload screen to change the configurations from Flash to HTML, as some of my friends suggested.

I’m sorry if you are not in this technical world, but I just wanted to let you know I didn’t give up from here, I’m just having some serious issues and since this is primary an image blog, this problem is killing me. See you later if everything goes fine. Wish me luck.

PS.: I know some would suggest to move to another browser, but the Firefox extensions save me a lot of time. So I can’t leave it for now.

Update: as you can see, the dodo is back with images, finally! The problem after all wasn’t something with my Firefox installation, but a problem between Google Gears + Firefox + WordPress. I found the solution on this topic from the WordPress Forum: Firefox Crash only with WordPressGoogle Gears was working fine, but there is some incompatibility with it and the last Firefox version. It’s disable for now in all my blogs. I hope they fix it soon.

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2 Responses to “Firefox hates the Dodo (and all my blogs)”

  1. Burdr Says:

    Definitely don’t switch to another browser! I’m a huge Firefox fan.

    What extension do you use? Use any Greasemonkey scripts?

    Love your blog! Don’t stop posting…

  2. Bibi, the dodo Says:

    Don’t worry Budr, problem fixed and I’m going to keep using FF 🙂 I use several extensions, including some to save bookmarks, make links, check links, save images, edit HTML, dictionaries, check e-mails, etc. But not Greasemonkey. I don’t know why – probably the short memory of my computer – made me choose not use it. It was making my computer slower than it is, and I was using it only with one script, which I don’t miss and I don’t remember anymore.

    And Thanks, I won’t! 🙂