First Day Cover: The Dodo

First Day Cover poster: The Dodo

From the The Mauritius Post Ltd: An Official First Day Cover is an envelope which the post office puts on sale on the first day of an issue. The stamp or stamps are cancelled with a special cachet. And the latest First Day Cover (FDC) is The Dodo above.

This set of postage stamps/ souvenir sheet issued by the Mauritius Post Ltd portrays different representations of the Dodo through drawings and paintings of various artists at different times.

Rs5 Journal of the Gelderland, 1601
An important contribution to the early eye-witness accounts of the Dodo are the drawings found in the Journal of Admiral Wolfert Harmenszoon, who commanded the second Dutch fleet of five ships to visit Mauritius in 1601. The flagship of this expedition was the Gelderland which was one of the original ships to call into Mauritius with Vice-Admiral Warwyck in 1598. The Gelderland Journal is particularly valuable as it includes four drawings of living Dodos, and one drawing of a dead one.

Rs10 Adrian Van de Venne, 1626
This pen drawing by Adrian Van de Venne of a rather fat looking Dodo was drawn around 1626, and it can be found in the Library at the University of Utrecht, Holland. It is probable that this image was modelled from a crudely stuffed bird, or even copied from some other artist, which led to exaggerations of one painter to another.

Rs15 Harrison, 1798
This painting appeared in a publication by Harrison, Cluse and Co., of No. 78, Fleet Street, London, in 1798. It seems to have been copied from one of the best known Savery pictures which was presented to the Natural History Museum, London in 1759.

Rs25 J.W. Frohawk, 1905
This chromolithograph by J.W. Frohawk is taken from Lord Walter Rothschild’s Extinct Birds which was published in 1907. The same artist painted a number of pictures for the same publication. Lord Walter Rothschild came from a family of rich bankers but his consuming interest was in ornithology and extinct birds in particular.

Rs25 Souvenir Sheet by Julian Pender Hume
Julian Pender Hume is a Palaeontologist by profession which enables him to bring accuracy to his artistic impressions of extinct animals. His painting showing a reconstruction of endemic fauna of Mauritius has been reproduced on the Souvenir Sheet.

First Day Cover Illustration
The illustration on the First Day Cover is a reproduction of the Dodo’s head from a bronze statue situated at Ile aux Aigrettes.

Ok, now I’m desperate. Does any one have an idea of how can I get those stamps and the FDC envelope? Do I have any readers in Mauritius? Any suggestions? *Sigh*

Update: I think I’ve discovered a way to buy them on the on-line shop of the Philatelic Products. I just need to discover how much will cost me the international transfer from bank in Brazil to Mauritius. *Ouch*

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3 Responses to “First Day Cover: The Dodo”

  1. frank spencer Says:

    for Mauritius Dodo set and cover try
    which is a British stamp dealer in Watford, England

  2. Bibi, the dodo Says:

    Thank you Frank! I sent an email to the shop of the Mauritius post on the same day, but I’m waiting for an answer. I will check with the British stamp dealer if they ignore me.

  3. Dona S. Says:

    EBAY! It can be a great source, and often very easy to pay, especially with Paypal,etc..