Puppet Dodo Bird

There are no more dodos or puppet dodo birds at Extinct Animal Puppets. It costed $29.00, but Sadly, the Dodo puppet is now extinct (again!) Discontinued by the manufacturer as of October 2004. Sigh!

puppet dodo

This hand puppet is 17 inches tall and has a movable beak. Does it look like Pickwick to you? More complete than earlier cloned versions, this one has TWO wings and a full complement of very soft, feather-like plush. Plock! Plock!

BTW, I’m searching for plush dodos, if anyone knows where I can buy one please let me know. Thanks!

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8 Responses to “Puppet Dodo Bird”

  1. Dodo Says:

    Hi! I’m the real Dodo…. 😀

  2. Bibi, the dodo Says:

    No, your not! I’m a real one. 🙂

  3. xenmate Says:

    psst… link

  4. David Reilly Says:

    A) Great site. Just discovered it.

    B) Ebay is your best bet to track them down, but WWF did an extinct species series of plush (grey and brown dodo), along with other popular extinctees like the mammoth.

  5. Marco Says:

    Hello Dodo.

    What a great site this is! I discovered it while doing research for the life of this great late bird. This site contains many aspects of it’s quiet and colourful life in their paradise, which was sadly lost after the invasion of the Dutch. Being Dutch myself, I think this part of our history was one of our worst moments.
    Last year a team of investigators discovered “a quarter of a dodo” body, the lower part, consisting of well preserved bones. Nowadays more light is thrown on the behaviour and looks of the dodo, which is a good thing, as the bird turns out to be not that fat and slow animal it was always said to be.

    As a writer I will incluide the dodo’s as main characters in my next story. It’s the tale of a time traveller who travels to the past, to september 17 1598, two days before the Dutch landed on the shores of the island they named Mauritius. The protagonist’s goal is to collect a number of dodo’s and a few eggs, to transport them to the future, so they will be part of the Extinct zoo. In the days before the destruction the man lives among the dodo’s and discovers how beautiful they really are…

    An excellent reference book, well written and richly illustrated is: De Dodo, portret van een pechvogel, by Dutchman Jan den Hengst. The book investigates how the dodo must have looked like. It’s conclusion is that the actual appearance of the bird was in fact a far cry of its depiction on the 17th century paintings. A great book about a great bird!

    Keep up the good dodo work, greetings!

  6. Natasha Says:


    I am just as passionate about the Dodo as you are as I am originally from Mauritius. I also have my website: http://www.mauritius.org.uk

    Please don’t hesitate to visit as I have so much information about the island and the dodo. I am also currently selling Dodo plush toys if you are interested in any.

    Anyway, take care and thank you for promoting our small and beautiful island of Mauritius where the dodo originate.

    Kind Regards,

  7. Savage Says:

    You may have less of a need for Dodo puppets when they make them un-extinct, like Jurassic Park.


  8. patricia Says:

    find a dodo on flickr :