Raphus cucullatus

ADW: Raphus cucullatus

For those that loved some “technical information” here are the dodo “specifications” from the Animal Diversity Web: Raphus cucullatus, A.K.A dodo, by Brittany S. Brown.


The sailors who landed on Mauritius found much amusement in watching the clumsy dodo’s behavior. There is a story one told of watching a dodo attempt to escape in a hurry. When it tried to run away, (wobble may be a more accurate term), its belly would drag on the ground and slow him down. But for the most part, the dodo is described as a lazy, rather dumb animal. It had virtually no defenses against predators, except for its large beak which could deliever a “fearsome bite” if the occasion arose, such as a threat to itself or its young. (Fuller, 1987; Strickland and Melville, 1848)

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One Response to “Raphus cucullatus”

  1. Dinosaur Hunter Says:

    Hey! I would like to know whats the exact timespan of Raphus cucullatus; I already know when it went extinct, but, when did this species appeared for the first time?