Dodo group by Marcello Cazzaniga

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Dodo Cerchio

Dodo Sul Lago

Marcello Cazzaniga sent me a nice e-mail with 2 those lovely dodo images:

I am Marcello from Italy I always follow your blog, I love Dodo.
I play figure ice skating in Italy, with some other adults like me …we are not so artistic so we use to call us Dodo group, because we are near to the extinction 🙂
But our motto is “I can’t fly but I can slide”.
I send you some images of some dodos that I designed for some pins and cards.
I hope you will appreciate them.

Sure I did! And thanks for sharing them Marcello.

Dodo Statue by David Champion

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Dodo by David Champion

Beautiful black & white picture of a Dodo statue by David Champion, aka, biker500, with a pinhole camera.

Well it’s what they think a Dodo looks like round here. Pinhole image on 135 Rollei Retro 100. Six second exposure.

Hello Kitty: Alice in Wonderland

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Hello Kitty: Alice In Wonderland 2

Hello Kitty cartoon also has its own version of Alice in Wonderland: a 24min. episode. The cartoon was uploaded in 3 parts by aayla666, and I made a playlist with it on YouTube. You can watch the complete episode below in sequence. (via the NSFW ofellabuta)


Le Dodo Appartement

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Le Dodo Appartement

Le dodo appartement by  Mai Kangas on Flickr. And now, thanks to Mai, we know where he is living in Mauritius. I should call him.

Dutch School Dronte

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Dronte, Dutch School, 17th Century

I don’t care much for auction, unless is something really impressive, like the image above: A dodo. Yes, a dodo, but not a regular dodo image, a dodo watercolour from the Dutch School. The Dutch, the same people that colonized Mauritius, and a drawing is from the 17th Century, which means that the chances of that painting had a real dodo as a model were pretty high.


La Réunion Le Doss

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

I don’t like beer, but hard to ignore the Bourbon beer, from Réunion Islands, also known as La Dodo for having a lovely dodo as the logo. However, there is something even better than the logo of La Dodo, the ads:

La Réunion Lé Doss (more…)

Land Speculator Michael Winer Wins 2009 Rubber Dodo Award

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Third annual Rubber Dodo Award: Michael Winer, Land Speculator

And the Dodo Award unfortunately had to choose one more winner last year. If you are following The Dodo Blog on Twitter you already know that The Center for Biological Diversity announced Michael Winer, portfolio manager for the giant real-estate investment firm Third Avenue Management, LLC (“TAREX”), as the winner of its third annual Rubber Dodo Award for : “His Wall St. Firm Pushing Largest Developments in California and Florida Imperiling Dozens of Endangered Species, Including Condors on Tejon Ranch“. Not an easy work, but there is always a monster to do such things.

Winer is deserving of the 2009 award for his leadership of TAREX, the largest stockholder in companies developing the largest pieces of private land remaining in Southern California and Florida. These regions are also home to some the highest numbers of endangered species in North America. In California, TAREX is pushing the Tejon Ranch Company to pave over thousands of acres of federally designated California condor habitat. In Florida, TAREX is pushing the St. Joe Company to flood tens of thousands of acres of the Florida Panhandle with high-end developments.

“Under Winer’s money-obsessed leadership, TAREX has become the poster child for unsustainable, endangered-species-killing sprawl,” said Adam Keats, director of the Center’s Urban Wildlands Program. “He specializes in finding massive, remote estates far from urban centers and turning them into a sea of condos, malls, golf courses, and resorts. There is good reason that even Wall Street commonly calls TAREX a ‘real-estate vulture’.” (more…)

Announce baby

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Announce baby (Faire part bebe) by Marty-Crouz on deviantART

Announce baby (Faire part bebe) by Marty-Crouz on deviantART.
I thought that lovely baby dodo would it be very appropriated to celebrate a new year.


Running Slowly

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Running Slowly

Running Slowly by Leah Palmer Preiss, aka Curious Art. I loved it!

According to my trusty 1878 Chambers’s Encyclopedia of Universal Knowledge, “The birds were easily killed, being wholly unable to fly, and running slowly. Their speedy extinction after the islands began to be visited and settled, is thus easily accounted for.”

Maybe it was the shoes?

Acrylic on text & map of Mauritius, 4×5″

Dead Dutch Authors as Dodo Birds

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Dead Dutch Authors as Dodo Birds

Dead Dutch Authors as Dodo Birds: paper mache dodo birds made from the writing of obscure, dead, Dutch authors, 6″ long, $1500. By Alain Douglas Park.