Dodo – Pomellato

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Dodo boutique in Bergamo

Do you remember the DoDo in Bruges post? Well, with the kind help of Allison, now I know that Dodo shop is actually a DoDo boutique by Pomellato:

Dodo’s story started far far away. Dodo is the name of that funny feathered fellow who used to live happily on the island of Mauritius – until extinction caught up with him. But, as happens in only the very best stories, after many, many years, Dodo has come back to life and now he lives all over the world because he has become a symbol of nature that needs protection and of Pomellato’s sweetest collection of jewelry. The Dodo pendants are happy company of animals who speak the language of feelings and emotions. Each Dodo reveals a little bit of who we are and what we want to say. It is a gift that can speak for us if we are a little shy. To give as a gift, or to collect, because Dodo doesn’t like being alone and is always on the lookout for new friends. (more…)

The Dodo Blog on Facebook

Monday, June 8th, 2009

NetworkedBlogs on Facebook | The Dodo Blog

No, I didn’t create a Facebook page for The Dodo Blog – yet. The Dodo don’t have that many reads -yet. (Let’s keep the positive mindset). However, this blog has its own page on NetworkedBlogs, a Facebook application. It doesn’t have many thing: it shows latest post, related blogs, the authors – only me – followers, selected content and you can post messages on the wall, rating the blog and “like” posts (yes, a weird expression for that FB option).

So, if you Facebook user and reader of this blog, how about join as a follower? I would love to “see” you there! (And I also curious to know who is following this blog). Don’t be shy, there are only nice people. If you prefer, there is a widget I added on the left (and only) bar of this blog and you can take a look on the list of followers before you join.

PS.:  as all the other FB apps, you need to install it (I think), giving the permission to NetworkedBlogs access your info. They won’t send any bad things to you, but just be sure to check your settings (I usually block almost all of them on FB, including e-mail messages).

Firefox hates the Dodo (and all my blogs)

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Since some of you don’t follow The Dodo Blog via Twitter (@thedodo), here are some bad news: Firefox is crashing every time I try to upload an image. I tried to reinstall Flash, Firefox and test it in several ways, including in my other WordPress blogs, until I unfortunately concluding the problem is on Firefox. Probably is something corrupted in this installation (and I hope so!).

So, I’m going to remove it all, including passwords, extensions, bookmarks… everything and reinstall it. I truly hope it works, since I can’t even open the  image upload screen to change the configurations from Flash to HTML, as some of my friends suggested.

I’m sorry if you are not in this technical world, but I just wanted to let you know I didn’t give up from here, I’m just having some serious issues and since this is primary an image blog, this problem is killing me. See you later if everything goes fine. Wish me luck.

PS.: I know some would suggest to move to another browser, but the Firefox extensions save me a lot of time. So I can’t leave it for now.

Update: as you can see, the dodo is back with images, finally! The problem after all wasn’t something with my Firefox installation, but a problem between Google Gears + Firefox + WordPress. I found the solution on this topic from the WordPress Forum: Firefox Crash only with WordPressGoogle Gears was working fine, but there is some incompatibility with it and the last Firefox version. It’s disable for now in all my blogs. I hope they fix it soon.

The Dodo Blog is on Twitter

Monday, May 25th, 2009

The Dodo Blog (thedodo) on Twitter

While The Dodo Blog was in a very long break I created a Twitter account for it: The Dodo Blog (thedodo). I’m using @thedodo to share news and links about dodos and related to them. But I also have plans to share the new posts of this blog on that Twitter account, if nothing goes wrong. You can enjoy to check all the links previously posted on the dodo Twitter or do something even better: start following it!

In case you aren’t a Twitter user yet, and don’t want to be, there is the option of subscribe the feeds on the Twitter page, or check the updates on the main page of this blog, just under a very cute illustration of a blue bird, in case you didn’t noticed.

Follow me!

BTW, the cute Follow Me! Twitter image was created by Mirjami Manninen and shared on Smashing Magazine. You can freely use it for both your private and commercial projects, including software, online services, templates and themes.

The Obamicon Dodo

Monday, May 25th, 2009

Obamicon Dodo

My Obamicon Dodo created via site.

PS.:  I must say I truly sorry for the longest blogging break ever, but I had my issues as this blog had its. I have some plugins to install, test, learn and few changes to do in the layout, but nothing dramatic. Stay tunned for more posts and news. And thanks again for stopping by!

Dodos taking a break

Friday, October 19th, 2007

CyberDodo and his friend Panda

The two cute little fellow above are CyberDodo and his friend Panda. The plush dodo was created based on the character of Cyberdodo. By purchasing this product, you will help support the conservation work of the WWF.

CyberDodo is about 20 cm tall. And he looks really chic in his jacket, hat, and trousers made of quality corduroy! Best of all, he’ll let you hide your most valuable treasures in his knapsack.
His friend Panda goes everywhere with him thanks to the handy Velcro fastener on his back.

One more item to my “Dodo wishlist”.

31ª Mostra Internacional de Cinema31ª Mostra Internacional de Cinema

Sorry for lack of updates due to 31ª Mostra Internacional de Cinema (São Paulo International Film Festival). The festival starts today, and the dodos were here were busy watching tons of films during two weeks. This means no updates: I’m going to have a break from here and from the other two blogs. Before the festival starts, I was already covering the previous events of it at Cinematógrafo, that’s why I didn’t have time to update here.

If you have any interest in cinema, or just want to know where I’m, check the updates of the event and some other related things at Cinematógrafo. It’s in Portuguese, but the translator (on the top of the blog) helps a little. Anyway, just wanted to say that I’m still fine. See you in November!

Update your links

Monday, September 3rd, 2007


Some important news, in case you haven’t noticed: the old The Dodo Blog address now redirects to The changes also includes all the permalinks from the old entries. So, if you want to kindly link to this blog, or if you already have a link to here, please update it.

Feed for the Dodo Blog

The feeds have also been updated. The “old” feeds and are still working, but they redirect to That’s why I would like to suggest to you move your subscription to the new one or start using it, if that’s the case. To subscribe to the comments of this blog, try

The new home of the Dodos

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

Reunion Dodo and other birds

This is the new home of The Dodo Blog and I hope you enjoy. Please update your links to and your feed subscriptions to this one and this one, if you want to subscribe to the comments .

I made a few changes in the original template and in the CSS, got more plugins to this WordPress installation, added more links to organizations and imported all the entries, images and comments. Don’t worry. The old address will still working, but the main page will be redirect to this one.

I have tons of dodo things to blog here, books about dodos to review and new things to discover. If you have a blog about birds, nature or endangered species, let me know to link. I don’t do link exchange but I would be glad to link to non-profit organization like those. For now that all.

And to celebrate the new dodo homes, one of the new images in the English dodo article at Wikipedia: Reunion Dodo and other birds by Dutch artist Pieter Withoos.

The Dodo Blog

Thursday, June 15th, 2006

The Dodo BirdHello and welcome to the dodo blog! This is a blog about dodos in the news, science, culture, art, history, biology, books, media and their influence in the modern culture. Why dodos? Among the extinct animals, the dodos are the most popular, they are icons, they are symbols, they are very famous, they are almost super-stars! But they are much better than super-stars: dodos don’t get drunk and fight with reports, dodos don’t use weird clothes that are going to be next tendency in fashion, dodos don’t make scandals and appear in the first page of a tabloid, dodos don’t expend their money with drugs or illegal substances, dodos don’t make stupid comments. Well, actually they don’t do anything more, because… they are dead. Extinct!

Poor little stupid and dead birds. I think that they deserve more love and that is one of the reasons of this blog. I created it to keep their memory alive, to keep alive the awful and massive power of the human being of destroy the nature, to share the dodo history, to show how popular they are nowadays, to show what people are saying about them and where you can find them. This is a homage blog to dodos.

However, if you never heard about them and have no idea about the Mauritius Islands, don’t worry, this is your lucky day. Wikipedia has a great Dodo article: the history, etymology, the sad end, other interesting information and pictures – of reconstructed Mauritius Dodos at museums. And what the hack the word dodo means? Nobody is sure about it:

The origin of the word “Dodo” is one of controversy. It is related to the Dutch word “dodaars” (referring to the feathers on its buttocks) the name of the little Grebe or Dabchick in the Dutch language. Probably not entirely because they shared a similar physical appearance (apart from the feathers on the buttocks), but because the dodo, like the little Grebe, couldn’t walk very well, making it an easy prey for Dutch sailors. Others believe it’s related to the archaic Portuguese word “doudo” meaning fool or simpleton. Yet another possibility, as author David Quammen has noted in his book “Song of the Dodo”, “that ‘dodo’ was an onomatopoeic approximation of the bird’s own call, a two-note pigeony sound like ‘doo-doo’.”

Coat of arms of Mauritius

But how are we going to know now, since they killed all of them in less than one century? I’m still pissed angry about this, since the day I discovered that my changes to see a real dodo were zero. Anyway, back to the dodos, the dodo is the “star” of the article about extinct birds at Wikipedia and the Coat of arms of Mauritius has a dodo! (I’m not sure if those are good things, very sad or good but sad.) And, if you don’t know yet, Mauritius was the place that dodos lived before the Dutch discover how good they could it be as food.

Be prepare for a lot of images of dodos, a plenty of links and all the other information that I can find. All the links, suggestions and comments are welcome: feel free to do it and post any commens. My name is Bibi and I’m a dodo.