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No, I didn’t create a Facebook page for The Dodo Blog – yet. The Dodo don’t have that many reads -yet. (Let’s keep the positive mindset). However, this blog has its own page on NetworkedBlogs, a Facebook application. It doesn’t have many thing: it shows latest post, related blogs, the authors – only me – followers, selected content and you can post messages on the wall, rating the blog and “like” posts (yes, a weird expression for that FB option).

So, if you Facebook user and reader of this blog, how about join as a follower? I would love to “see” you there! (And I also curious to know who is following this blog). Don’t be shy, there are only nice people. If you prefer, there is a widget I added on the left (and only) bar of this blog and you can take a look on the list of followers before you join.

PS.:  as all the other FB apps, you need to install it (I think), giving the permission to NetworkedBlogs access your info. They won’t send any bad things to you, but just be sure to check your settings (I usually block almost all of them on FB, including e-mail messages).

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