The Extinct Dodo

The Extinct Dodo is a fine page with technical and historical information about the birds and old drawings of them.

Contradicting records left some confusion over their traits, habits and palatability. Some accounts said they were fast runners, some said slow and lazy. Skeletal examinations lead some to believe common illustrations of today are inaccurate. Some believe it stood taller than depicted

Dodos likely ranged in weight according to seasonal diets and reproduction periods. They grew to about 50 lbs. They had a greenish yellow bill, black fluffy down and feathers and black feet.

Certainly they were eaten as many wildfowl were then whether tasty or not. They could be caught by hand, but one had to be careful. Their enormous, hooked bill could inflict severe injury.

The The Extinct Dodo is part of the Extinct Birds site. Illustrations by: Alice B. Woodward, Wilhelm Kuhnert, an unknown artist and Roland Savery.

Dodo by Alice B. Woodward

Dodo by Wilhelm Kuhnert

Vintage dodo engraving

Dodo by Roland Savery
This illustration by Roland Savery was painted using a live Dodo which was brought to Europe in the early seventeenth century.

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