The new home of the Dodos

Reunion Dodo and other birds

This is the new home of The Dodo Blog and I hope you enjoy. Please update your links to and your feed subscriptions to this one and this one, if you want to subscribe to the comments .

I made a few changes in the original template and in the CSS, got more plugins to this WordPress installation, added more links to organizations and imported all the entries, images and comments. Don’t worry. The old address will still working, but the main page will be redirect to this one.

I have tons of dodo things to blog here, books about dodos to review and new things to discover. If you have a blog about birds, nature or endangered species, let me know to link. I don’t do link exchange but I would be glad to link to non-profit organization like those. For now that all.

And to celebrate the new dodo homes, one of the new images in the English dodo article at Wikipedia: Reunion Dodo and other birds by Dutch artist Pieter Withoos.

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2 Responses to “The new home of the Dodos”

  1. peacay Says:

    Good one Bibi!

    (It’s funny — in Australia we have an internet service provider called dodo — guess what advertisement is in the google ad box in the sidebar hmm? Heh!)

    Good luck with it.

  2. Bibi, the dodo Says:

    😀 This dodo service is very popular. I got many messages from my dodo news subscription from the Dodo Net.
    Thanks for the message Peacay!